Motivational Keynotes

Becoming Cowgirl

This is Shell Brodnax’s newest and greatest motivational talk to date.)

Do you wonder why it seems some people have amazing businesses? Everything they touch turns to gold, but your goals seem always to fall short?

Shell Brodnax uses “The Cowgirl Philosophy” to take audiences through real-life, hilarious, and thought-provoking lessons that create an understanding that anything is possible.

Her journey to becoming a dedicated horsewoman led to the creation of “The Cowgirl Philosophy.” She teaches specific methods that focus direction and establish goals.

From business suits to cowboy boots, Shell shares personal experiences of overcoming adversity and fears in her journey of courage, determination, and commitment to succeed, when others thought it was impossible.

Attendees Will Learn:

How to focus their energy on the things that will get them to achieve their goals
How to not allow their “competitors” to get into their head and take them away from their goals
A step-by-step plan to set goals, create strategy to accomplish anything

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