FAQs About A/V Requirements

Does Shell just talk to us?

No way! Talk is cheap! Shell will most likely use a PowerPoint presentation for her presentation. You can help Shell make you look like a well-organized hero to your group. Here are some commonly asked questions you will need to know the answers to.

Can a PowerPoint be shown on a wall?

A projection screen is an essential tool that helps make for a great presentation.  Setting it up in the front of the room will really get the meeting off to a great start. If it can be high enough that the audience can’t walk by and make shadow puppets, it’s even better.

So, how does Shell get her PowerPoint up so people can see it?

An up-to-date video/data projector will be needed. To be sure nothing goes wrong for your meeting; test the projector ahead of time. Extra electrical cords, plugs and whatchamacallits are ideal.

We heard speakers love spotlights, is this true?

Ditch any spot light plans! Just have the room well lit so everyone can see each other and take notes. Oh, if you put direct light on the screen, the audience won’t be able to see the PowerPoint presentation and that would be a total drag.

Does Shell bring her own stuff?

Shell will bring her own laptop PC.

Does Shell Need a Stage?

Have you met Shell?  She does not need a stage. She loves to walk around and does not require a podium. If you have a podium, just push it aside.

Does Shell have an extraordinary loud voice?

While she has been asked to keep it down once in a while, Shell prefers a cordless lavaliere microphone. Oh, don’t forget the backup batteries! Shell has organized so many events she understands that “stuff happens”, so having a back-up hand held microphone is a great idea.

Another great idea is to “mic” Shell about 15-20 minutes before she speaks.

Why would a computer need to be hooked-up to the sound system?

Because no presentation is complete unless you have the ability to hear any audio clips Shell may have in store for you. Just have the geeks in the tech department hook-up the sound so it runs from a laptop to the speakers in the room.

When should you pay the girl?

Have you not seen Shell’s Facebook? Shell is a cowgirl and has a horse name Luke. In order to keep Luke’s belly full of hay, full payment is required before Shell leaves for your location.

Is Shell a diva?

Good grief no! Shell is one of the most generous and understanding person you will ever meet. But come on people, we are professionals here right? So, let’s make this happen!

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