Are you frustrated with your business? Do you feel overwhelmed and no one understands?

Everyone experiences frustration with their business. Many times business owners don’t have anyone to talk to, run ideas by, or brainstorm with.  Our friends and spouses just don’t understand.

Shell Brodnax is here to help

Imagine having an amazing business that is thriving and rewarding.  It is a small step between frustration and success and Shell will help you make that step. There is a plan for every budget and there is a solution for every road block you face with your business.

Coaching Services with Shell Brodnax

Consultation-We will cover any questions during your one-hour session. This is the perfect opportunity to get those questions answered and get personal one-on-one professional advice on any subject you encounter. This is great for occasional issues or specific instances that occur in your business with no commitment to continue. $275.00

6-Week Custom Business Coaching Includes-6 Hours of “one-on-one” coaching sessions that include: Defining end result goal; Defining weekly goals needed in order to reach your end result goal; Weekly assignments in order to help you reach your goal; Calendar with assignments and deadlines; Answering all questions; Plan development. Additional email support always complimentary. $1,500.00

Shell works with a limited number of qualified clients. Potential clients are required to complete an initial consulation prior to being accepted into the six-week program.

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