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Shell Brodnax is a motivating and thought provoking business strategist who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs navigate the obstacles that are holding them back as well as to realize their own potential. Shell teaches entrepreneurs to leverage the law of attraction and the power of focus combined with their natural talents and passion for their businesses in order to achieve the business they desire. Shell’s no-nonsense direct approach allows her client’s to take a step back from their business and really “see” what work needs to be done to get to the next level, then Shell helps them outline the strategy to make it happen.

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Speaking Topics

Shell understands what it takes to grow a successful business. Her proven techniques have been used to take mom and pop shops and turn them into multi-million dollar companies. In addition to having served in numerous executive positions, such as CEO of a major trade association, Director of Marketing/National Accounts, and a Licensed Private Investigator, she’s versed in what it takes to create and implement marketing strategies that work. Her “Make It Happen, Don’t Wait for It to Happen” strategy is simple and easy to implement and has been used to help educate others on how to effectively and efficiently grow their business or improve their personal lives dramatically.  Shell possesses a unique ability to inspire others to find their own motivation to get off that fence, quit getting ready to get ready and “make it happen” for themselves.

Marketing, Business Coaching, Consulting and developing Brand Recognition is her passion. Shell is a professional national speaker and Business Coach.

Book Shell to speak at your event, conduct a workshop, consult on your project or business coaching.


Becoming Cowgirl

(This is Shell Brodnax’s newest and greatest motivational talk to date.)

Do you wonder why some people seem to have amazing personal lives and/or businesses and everything they touch turns to gold, but yet your goals, both personal and business seem to always fall short?

Make It Happen, Don’t Wait For It to Happen!, is an inspiring and full-fledged motivational experience.  Shell Brodnax takes the audience through real-life; hilarious and thought-provoking lessons that will make you believe you can do anything you set your mind to. Shell uses no-nonsense “cowgirl philosophies” that will help you take your business and life from where you are now to beyond amazing!  

From business suits and dress shoes to Levi’s and cowboy boots, Shell shares personal experiences of overcoming adversity and fears in her heartfelt journey of courage, determination, and commitment to succeed when others thought it was impossible.  Shell’s journey into becoming a dedicated horseman led her to identify a “cowgirl philosophy” that she has been able to use to teach audiences how to identify key methods that will allow them to focus on the goals and direction that will get them to where they want to be, instead of getting swayed by all the outside negative influences that get us side tracked into unknowingly sabotaging our lives and businesses. Click to read more.

How to Break Through Those Brick Walls

Shell Brodnax will teach you how to use the Law of Attraction to further your business to attract the types of clients you want to work with and how to create the life of your dreams.

You will walk away with a blueprint to design your purpose in both life and business.


Outcome:  A real estate professional completing this course will understand the fundamentals of home staging, how it works, why it works and how it benefits sellers and buyers. In addition, they will learn how to address staging with their clients and how to choose a professional home stager.

The curriculum was designed and developed by Shell Brodnax, President/CEO of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). RESA is the trade association for professional home stagers.

Few words from a raving fan

“I have seen many keynote speakers throughout my career.  It is rare when I can actually say that not only was I motivated, but also empowered and inspired to make a change in my life and my business.”

Lisa McIntee


“Brick walls will never stop me. I will go over the top, go around them, dig under them or blow them up to reach my goal.”

Shell Brodnax

Watch Shell In Action

Becoming Cowgirl




Shell has been on an incredible journey with learning how to ride horses. Shell was 44 years old when she started and was scared to death. After being told she would never be successful as riding because she could not get over her fears. Shell decided to challenge herself beyond her wildest imagination and set out to become a champion and win a buckle in the Extreme Cowboy Association Races. Shell went from being last 12 times to winning a state championship in less than one year. Shell shares funny stories about her journey that will directly relate to how you can use the law of attraction, mindset and visualization to achieve your dreams. If you would like to download a the first three chapters of her book click here. $25.00 Free & Shipping

Home Staging The Power That Sells Real Estate

front-coverDo you wonder what will make your house sell faster?You may have seen home staging shows on TV, and want to know what is really involved. This book can help you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Home Staging: The Power That Sells Real Estate is a guide to getting the best price for your property, whether you are a homeowner, agent or investor. This book covers the whole process, giving expert advice from professional home stagers. It also covers the wide range of houses that are on the market and how to appeal to the right kind of buyers for your home. This is an Amazon’s Best Seller.

To purchase an autographed copy: $29.99 with FREE Shipping

Raving Fans

  • Amazing! Just wanted to say how much I appreciated you sharing your story with everyone at RESA. I’m sure you have inspired a lot of people to make the changes they need to make this year to grow both personally and in business. You are an amazing woman.

    Michelle Finnamore
  • I just wanted you to know that I loved your speech! I am huge on positive thinking and chasing dreams! I am excited for this year when I actually stop down playing my successes in business and start believing it is okay celebrate them! You were so encouraging and uplifting at the convention. Keep doing what you’re doing Yee Haa!

    Karen Nelson
  • Incredible Shell is remarkable. Not only is her business guidance spot-on but I’ve found her to be incredibly responsive at most any time of day and even over weekends. We’ve had some crazy last minute deadlines to meet and Shell has been there for us each and every time. After working with Shell as a business consultant our sales increased by 125% over the previous year after implementing her suggestions.

    Ian Hart
  • I want to thank you very much for sharing your knowledge as I managed my first Vacant Listing several months ago. Your guidance boosted my confidence and was a tremendous help while I set my pricing standards and structured my overall plan. I am proud to share that I have successfully had 5 vacant listings since our last conversation.

    Melissa Lim
  • I highly recommend Shell Brodnax as a business coach. I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and contacted Shell for professional guidance. She is easily approachable and an excellent communicator. Being the straight-shooter that she is, she quickly identifies what you need for your business to be successful. She strategizes and role-plays with you so you understand “real world” application and can emulate her practical advice. With her wise advice and counsel, I have simplified our business model and am focusing on the correct things for our market. Thank you Shell for taking the time to help us be successful!

    Marie Fox
  • I feel so much “lighter” now. It’s really due to the fact that in less than 5 min you gave me some insight and more empowerment …going forward, with each client interaction, it’s in my pocket.

    Krista Haskins
  • You’re awesome, Shell. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity of time and motivational wisdom.

    You were a wonderful gift today. Thank you so much. It was another kick in the ass I needed from just the right person. YOU!  Your energy is motivating and I intend to keep it moving in a positive direction. I CAN and WILL succeed. I’ll keep you posted.


    Allie Milus
  • I have heard Shell Brodnax speak at many conferences and just recently at The Empowered Entrepreneurs Conference in Toronto and she is always awesome. She delivered many “aha” moments as she took us through her journey. One of my favorites was about when she was riding and the horse kept veering off. Her trainer coached her to stay in her lane and focus on where she was going-not on what was around her. This was a great metaphor for focusing on mastery-not the competition. There were many other truth bombs that Shell inspired us with and I highly recommend listening to Shell speak on “Becoming Cowgirl” if you ever get the chance. You will love her! 

    Marianne Cherico



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